Are Your Ads Reaching the Right People?: Facebook Ads and Targeting Audience

Facebook advertising provides online businessmen a chance to promote their enterprise and reach out to a lot of people. Advertising on Facebook enables businessmen to target a highly specified group of people to come up with a higher conversion rate and revenue. Advertising on Facebook can be very useful especially for those who are running a small business. Facebook advertising is affordable and easy to maintain. Also, it lets you reach people who are most likely to be interested in buying your product.Although Facebook advertising is simple and easy, some are still finding it hard how to use it effectively. Others are still burdened with the problem of targeting the right people to click through their ads and discover their business. If you are one of those who are finding it difficult to target people on Facebook, read on and learn these solutions to your problem.Keyword TargetingThis type of targeting is one of the most popular and powerful ways to filter the people who see your Facebook ad. For example, if your site is all about selling books about relationships and you want to target the keyword phrase, “relationship tips”, you can identify this keyword in the Targeting section of the Facebook ads. Facebook will then sort through individuals who match this keyword in terms of interests, activities, visited pages, groups, and updates.Facebook can also help you with keyword targeting by suggesting keywords that are highly relevant to your business and products. If you wish, you may also conduct an independent keyword research and apply it to Facebook ad campaigns.Location TargetingUsing Facebook advertisement, you can also target your customers in terms of specific locations. Facebook lets you identify the country, city, or state from which you want to target customers from. This type of targeting is beneficial especially for small businesses whose clientele is limited as of the moment. Location targeting is also being used by national companies but still, small businesses can benefit largely from it.Advertisers can now choose from over 25 countries including multiple cities and states. Facebook also offers Radius Targeting which allows the user to target people from within a certain radius distance in a city. With Radius Targeting, it is easier for small and local businesses to reach people who are near them or are based on locations within a small distance from their own city.Age TargetingAnother way of targeting people through Facebook is by age targeting. This helps you target people from within a specified age range. This can be helpful especially if you are selling products that will appeal to a certain age type ie. Toys, adult novels, bags for business women, teenage apparel, etc.Age targeting is fairly easy to do but Facebook experts recommend using this with another targeting tool such as Keyword or Location Targeting.Connection TargetingConnection TargetingThis type of targeting is relatively new but is highly effective according to those who have tried using it. Connection targeting enables you to target those who are fans of your pages, members of your groups, attendees of any of your events, or users of an application that you have developed. Small businesses can take advantage of this targeting scheme since you are sure that your ads will reach people who are interested in your business or product. Since they are already connected to you in a way or another, chances are, they will be enticed to buy something from a store that they have heard before.Relationship TargetingLast but not the least; small businesses can also use relationship targeting. This type of targeting specifies people based on the relationship status that they posted on their Facebook accounts. This is a marketing feature which focuses on stage of life and current social role. Relationship targeting works best when paired with Gender targeting. These two can give out highly specified results which can do wonders even for small businesses.Targeting the customers that will boost your revenue is made easier when you use Facebook advertising. Even if your business is small, you too can take advantage of this great social marketing tool. Just remember that everything should be done with passion, creativity, and determination. Good luck.