Methods To Succeed With Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a new way for online marketers to reach targeted audiences.Since Facebook is a relatively new online marketing technique marketers are still trying to make it work effectively for them and improve their return on investment (ROI). Trying to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website rather than focusing on the user’s experience is the wrong approach. Creating custom pages and applications on Facebook will encourage your user to interact with your brand or product on Facebook, increasing the user’s experience while simultaneously lowing your bounce rates. As a marketer you should ask yourself why a user would leave their Facebook page to visit your website? The only reason would be if you encouraged them to leave by tailoring your landing pages to the needs of Facebook users.If you are an internet marketer you need to keep the use of Facebook in perspective – people don’t use it to search for products and services. People use Facebook to share information, experiences and ideas with friends, play games and connect with important causes. Marketers must ensure their Facebook ads contain carefully selected images and calls to action which will draw users away from their normal activities so that they will click on the Facebook ad. You need to get your users to like your Facebook page and a good way to do this is to use custom pages. Once your users “like” your page you can remarket to them by posting status updates containing relevant information about deals or events.It is critical for the Facebook ads that internet marketers create to be well designed in order to grab the user’s attention. There is so much content on Facebook that it can overwhelm users and as a result most users respond by skimming content and skipping images, texts and ads. As a marketer, in order to get your ad noticed by users it must be designed using colourful images and have some sort of compelling offer. Some ads that are designed very well may lose the effectiveness of their performance because as they are shown to users continually the user will learn to automatically tune them out. Ads that are being tuned out may benefit from rotating images and the headline, which will help improve the performance of the ad if design is not an issue.