Social Media Marketing – Is It Right for Your Business?

Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

A lot of people talk about social media as if it was something every small business owner should be practicing.

The truth is that just isn’t the case.

The reasons we are both hearing so much about this kind of marketing is because of 4 reasons.

1. Its never been easier to build a long lasting relationship with your market has two way communication.

2. You can find your customers literally buy just tapping their conversations when they talk about needing your products and services

3. Its never been so easy for your customers, prospects and friends to refer your business to their friends if you know how to court your customers through social media.

4. There are a lot of people out their trying to sell products and services that support using social media as a way to market you business

All of that being true there is only one person that knows if Social Media Marketing is right for your business….and its not you.


Your customer makes the ultimate decision if they are more likely to buy from the business that they feel.. they know intimately and have a relationship with those they spend their money with.

Your customer makes the ultimate choice if they are going to spend more time on their favorite social media platform than watching TV, listening to the radio or reading a magazines all combined.

Only they choose…and most of them have already made their decision.

Its up to us as business owners to evolve to the point that we can adapt to what are customer wants…so we can provide the products and the services that help our customers and provide the lifestyle we desire.